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Fuzzy & Flat

Featuring: Zabrina Black
Date: May 9th, 2016
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Zabrina is 18, but she likes to pretend that she's even more grown up. We asked her what was up with the oversized bra, and she replied that she wears it hoping that it will make her look more sexy and seductive. "My boobs are so small, you know? I thought that maybe if I wore a fancy bra with matching underwear it would make me seem more womanly and distract from my little boobs. That's also why I don't shave my pubes. I like to have a nice, full thatch. So maybe when guys see it they'll think I'm more experienced than I really am." Even if you aren't that experienced, we're sure there are guys who'd be happy to teach you. "Really? You think? Sometimes I feel like guys want some really slutty girl who knows how to do all these tricks and really put on a show. I'd be worried that they would think I was boring or not a good shag. Although I've been with one guy before so I know a little bit. He taught me how to give a blow job, but I could still use some more practice with my technique. I never had an orgasm from him eating me out, so that's something I would still like to experience." Do you watch porn or play with yourself? "Yes. I just recently started getting into all that.

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