Likes to Ride

Likes to Ride

Violet might be the perfect girl.
This Cuban-Arab cutie is tiny, standing at only 4'10", has a great rack and, get this, loves working on cars. Her ideal dates are going to a racetrack or auto show. "I'm not really into school. My passion is cars, and once I graduate, I hope to work on my own car. I also love driving fast; it turns me on."

We bet that scores you a lot of points with the guys.
"Guys are usually surprised when I show them I know my way around a car. They're surprised when I show them I know my way around a cock, too. I like to figure out what makes things work, and that includes turning on a guy and making him cum hard."

Have you had sex in a car?
"In a car, on the hood, pressed up against the door and in the bed of a truck. I prefer to have sex in a place that has a little more room, but it is hot to give roadhead. One time a guy fingered me while I was driving, and I creamed all over his hand. I had to pull over immediately and ride him."
Featuring: Violet Gems
Date: July 29th, 2022
Photos: 100

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