Baby Phat

Venessa is proud to have a little meat on her bones.
And she's not afraid to show off her curves. She doesn't hide beneath frumpy sweaters and ankle skirts. Venessa struts around in the shortest skirts and skimpiest tops she can find. "I know a lot of guys like girls who are really skinny, but there are also plenty of guys who like thicker girls like me. Believe me, I have no problem finding dates. I'm confident that I look good."

She's also confident that she could rock your world.
Venessa isn't the kind of girl to turn off the lights during sex. She wants you to see exactly what it is that feels so good on your cock-her mouth and her tight pussy. She also likes to see the look on your face when you're moaning with pleasure. "I have nothing to hide. I doubt I'd be fucking a guy who didn't like my body. But if he really didn't he'd change his mind once he felt my big, plump ass riding on top of his dick."

"I like to be fucked hard."
"Being a little bit thick gives the guy something to grab onto when we're going at it all crazy. And isn't it awesome to slap a big, juicy butt and see it wiggle and ripple?"

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Featuring: Vanessa Lee
Date: June 8th, 2009
Photos: 80

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