Fuzzy Schoolgirl

Fuzzy Schoolgirl

Welcome, Skye. You look like you're into grooming. We wouldn't have guessed that you had hair down there.
"I used to be all about shaving and waxing my pussy, but I got tired of it. It's nice being smooth and bald down there, but it's such a mission to take care of. And you know, I've come to realize that most guys really don't care if a girl has hair on her pussy or not. Plus, pubes are making a comeback! So I decided to just let it grow. I had a landing strip before, but now I want a full, luxurious bush that I can run my fingers through. I've never let my bush grow out fully."

You have a thong tanline. Are you gonna shave for that?
"Not for a while. I'll probably avoid being in a bikini or a thong for a while so I can let my bush get nice and thick. Then once it's grown out fully I'll probably shave my bikini line."

How do the guys you hook up with feel about your new pubes?
"Pft. They don't care. As long as my tits and body still look nice and I'm giving them pussy they're happy as clowns. One guy is even excited to see me with a bush. The other ones barely even noticed. It's funny; the guys don't care but a couple of my girl-friends are like, 'ew.' I converted one of them though. Now we're having a contest to see who can grow their bush first."
Featuring: Skye
Date: February 14th, 2023
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1 year ago 

Skye has nice tits and a nice bush

I like her breasts...and her pussy too!

I agree Mr. Dicks is perfect for the job! Yes pair Megan with Mr. Dicks soon !!! Oh yes I love to see Skye in bed with Mr Dicks. Love to see her suck his cock and getting fucked. And sucking his cum at the end with a nice facial :)
It would be great to see Skye in a foursome or gangbang with older middle aged men. I wanne see Sky being pounded by white middle aged men too. Me too want to see Skye rubbing & jerking of those cocks and sucking & swallowing theire loads of cum ! Skye looks hot :)

So when do we see her back ?? Please pair her up with Mr. Dicks soon.

"Pft. They don't care. As long as my tits and body still look nice and I'm giving them pussy they're happy as clowns..."
BEST RESPONSE EVER!!! I used to prefer a nicely trimmed (bikini trim) but bushy pussy but then I became a fan of fully waxed also it took some time but it grew on me. Skye couldn't be more right, if I were getting her pussy I would be happy as a clown! Beautiful, beautiful girl. It is sad she wrecked that frontal full nude beauty with ink though. There is no ink that could ever make a body like that prettier than it was. At best it is blemish on a work of art.

Call me a pervert, call me what you want but I just love looking at naked teenage girls. Look at that sweet face, tight body and perfect hairy cunt...is there any finer sight?

Please, let it grow. I can tell by your eyebrows that you could easily become a "Bush Baby"!!

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