Scandalous Schoolgirl

Scandalous Schoolgirl

Sally, we heard you have a special talent.
"Yes. I can squirt like crazy whenever I masturbate or have sex. It just shoots out of me and I can't stop it. The only downside is that everything gets completely soaked, so you have to do laundry afterwards. That's why I always play with myself in the shower. Otherwise I'd be washing my sheets every day."

What happened the first time you ever squirted?
"My boyfriend at the time was going down on me and I was really into it. The next thing I knew I felt this pressure down there and I got really wet. I didn't know what happened but I heard him say, "Oh shit!" I looked up and his face was soaked. I was so embarrassed 'cause I didn't know what squirting was at the time. But he told me it was hot."

Can you control your squirting? Do you like that you can squirt?
"Yes. I've learned how to make myself squirt. All I have to do is rub my clit a special way and I'll spray all over the place. And yes, I like it. At first I didn't because like I said, I was embarrassed by it. But once I learned it was normal for some girls and that guys like it I started to embrace it. Also I cum really hard when I'm squirting so that part is nice. The guys I've been with have been really turned on by it. Apparently not that many girls can do it, and I like knowing that my pussy has this special little thing that it can do."
Featuring: Sally Squirt
Date: June 7th, 2016
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Sally has a cute ass in her white cotton panties.

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