Sexy Sabina Rouge Strips Out of Her Schoolgirl Uniform and Fingerfucks Her Pussy

Sexy Sabina Rouge Strips Out of Her Schoolgirl Uniform and Fingerfucks Her Pussy

Sabina is a grade-A student.
But it's not so much because she cares about her grades or getting into a good college. It's because she wants to impress one of her teachers. "Whenever he tells me that I did a good job or that he's proud of me, it makes my panties wet. I'm pretty sure I'm his favorite student. He's more than just my favorite teacher. He's the guy I want to fuck so bad! Sometimes I like to get naked when I do his homework because it reminds me of him."

So it's safe to say that you like older guys?
"Yes. I feel I'm an old soul so I get along better with older men than boys my age. A guy my age will hesitate and be nervous just to kiss me. I want someone who is confident and aggressive. Who will just grab me and kiss me and start feeling up on me. I need a guy who will take the lead. All the guys my age I've hooked up with have been just okay. But then I hooked up with my neighbor, who is like 40, and it was so different! He ate me out and fingered me and made me cum in like three minutes. Now I want to see how fast my teacher can make me cum."

Are you going to hit on your teacher?
"I flirt with him all the time. He has to know I have a crush on him. But I'm scared to really go for it. I'm hoping that something will happen after graduation. But for now I'll just keep on using my dildo and pretending it's his cock, and I'll keep on soaking my panties in class."
Featuring: Sabina
Date: June 25th, 2024
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3 weeks ago 

Fuck me, when I was at school girls didn't look as good in a uniform as she does!

Lovely little filthy mynx gives us a great Pee-pee & asshole show!

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