Barely-There Boobies

Barely-There Boobies

Hey Raven, are you like, a goth chick? We heard goth chicks are slutty.
"Yeah, I'm a goth girl, but I don't know if I'm slutty. I like to have sex and give blow jobs, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm a slut, right? Well, there was this one time I went to a rock concert and totally gave a guy head behind a trailer. He probably thought I was easy 'cause I was on my friend's shoulder flashing my boobs. But that incident doesn't count, right?"

Um, it kind of does...
"Oh well. That was only one time! Maybe showing my boobs off to the crowd turned me on. I always get a little excited and horny when I'm naked in public."

When else are you naked in public?
"Does changing in fitting rooms count as being naked in public? I don't know why, but I find something arousing about undressing inside a store. I'll take pictures of myself on my cellphone and send them to my boy du jour. And sometimes I get the urge to run out of the fitting room naked and go streaking inside the store. I'm way too shy to try it, but the thought is always on my mind. But what really satisfies my craving to be naked in public is going to nude beaches while I'm on vacation. That's a lot of fun, but I have to watch out 'cause I'll sunburn if I'm not careful! But that kind of works in my favor 'cause I get to ask hot guys to rub sunblock on me. I even let them rub the lotion on my butt and titties. I guess that's a little slutty, but not all the way slutty."

What would you consider 'all the way slutty?'
"Like, let's say I asked one of those guys who rubs sunblock on me to go fuck in the water or something. That'd be all the way slutty. I prefer being half-way slutty. That's like when you're not afraid to get kinky, but you still have some standards when it comes to guys. You don't give up your pussy to just anyone. Like, I'll dress gothy and slutty, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna put out. I have to kind of know you for that. But once I've decided that I want to fuck a guy, I'll let loose. I like to have hot candle wax poured down my back, and I just love sharing a cock with another girl. And I always want to try new things!"

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Featuring: Raven Lynn
Date: June 4th, 2010
Photos: 43

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