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Maybe I'm Just A Slut!

Featuring: Phoenix Star
Date: May 14th, 2010
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Tell us a little about yourself, Phoenix. "I just started my first semester of college, but I'm not sure what I want to major in yet. I like to listen to music, go out dancing and play paintball. But you guys want me to get to the good stuff, right? Well, I masturbate a lot, and you could say that I have a healthy dating life. There's always a guy around to keep me entertained. If you asked any of my friends, they would probably all describe me as really horny and always fucking. That's why they always come to me with sex questions." "So my girlfriend was asking me for some advice.." "She was really horny and she was going on a date, but she didn't want to put out too soon. She was asking me what to do. I told her to get her freak on! I mean, why deny yourself? If I'm horny and I'm on a date, I wanna fuck. Then I stepped outside myself and listened to what I was saying, and I couldn't help but laugh and say, 'Maybe I'm just like, a slut.'" As long as you're cool with being a slut.. "I'm not like, a total slut. I just like to have sex, and I'm not good at waiting.

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