Do you like giving blow jobs?
"Yes, they're a lot of fun! This guy fucked my mouth pretty hard. It was so hot, but it almost made me gag. Luckily I didn't. I was proud of myself for that."

Did he also fuck your pussy hard?
"Hell yeah! I asked him to 'cause that's my favorite. It makes me think that my pussy feels so good that it makes him go crazy pounding me."

So you like hard sex, but is it possible to fuck you too hard, Nicole?
You are a petite girl... "I'm small, but I'm a trooper! But it is possible to fuck me too hard, it just takes a lot to get there. Although sometimes I do get carried away 'cause I'll keep telling a guy to fuck me harder and harder. And he listens to me and really fucks me hard. It feels good at the time, but then the next day I'm so sore! I'll be walking bow-legged. It's not a very attractive look so I have to be careful about that! But normally I like it hard. I like it to be wake-up-the-neighbors loud, and just-got-a-good-workout…

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Featuring: Nicole Marie and Shane
Date: April 29th, 2011
Photos: 38

Member Comments

5 years ago 

Love pic 26 where he's fucking her doggystyle and stuck his thumb up her ass. A nice move to remind the chick who's boss.

7 years ago 

Girls like Nicole are why I love this site. She's looks so cute and sweet, but it's clear she's one dirty little slut who loves a good pounding.

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