Suburban Cowgirl

Suburban Cowgirl

Welcome back, Natalie. In the Holiday '08 issue you had a lot of pent up sexual tension. Looks like you're relieving yourself.
"Yeah, it's about time. I was so fucking horny. Not getting sex can make you crazy sometimes. Like, it takes over your mind and all you can think about is how badly you want some dick. So this is the first guy I did it with after my sex drought. He was looking for my parents or something, but luckily I was home alone. I was like, 'Shutup, sit down and take out your cock.' I wanted to show him that a sweet, little suburban girl can suck a mean dick and ride it like a pro. I think he doubted me at first, but once I got on top of him I took control and fucked him the way I wanted to fuck him. I think he got excited by how wild I was being, because then he started getting all rowdy and rough, too."

What was he doing to you?
"Well, first of all, I could tell that his dick got harder. Then he started pumping it harder into my pussy. We were both going at it pretty crazy and we were getting out of breath and all sweaty. Then he picked me up and started drilling me in the air! I really liked that and I told him to fuck me harder. So while he was still carrying me, he put my back up against the wall and really gave it to me hard. I loved it. There was so much juice and white stuff coming out of my pussy, I was afraid it was going to drip on the floor. Like, seriously. I've never been that wet before."

How many times did you cum?
"Ohmigod, like five times! I didn't know I could have that many orgasms in one session. After the first four times, my legs were all wobbly and my clit was throbbing. So we stopped and took a five-minute break, and then went again. That last orgasm was the most intense. I came first, then he pulled out and came on my face and tits. I licked it up then licked my cream off his cock."
Featuring: Natalie Star and Carlos Rios
Date: March 9th, 2009
Photos: 60

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