Leaf Relief

Isn't it kind of hot out to be doing yard work?
"Yeah! It's hot as hell but I don't care. I'm fucking pissed off and I need to let my aggression out, so I'm here raking leaves. Last night, I tried to fuck this guy and it didn't work! Can you believe that? Yeah, his girlfriend was there, but who cares? I would have been discreet about it. We could have snuck off. So now, I feel insulted, my ego is bruised and I'm horny as hell! So I just need to do something so I can stop thinking about how much I'd love to suck and fuck a dick."

If you're so horny and frustrated, why don't you just get yourself off?
"Yeah, I might as well. It would probably make me feel better to rub my clit till I'm all juicy and then finger myself till I get off. It's better than raking these leaves, anyway. If I'm going to get all sweaty it might as well be 'cause I'm cumming instead of doing chores! And I have to admit, it's nice feeling the sun and breeze on my bare slit. I'm still pissed I got…

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Featuring: Natalie Star
Date: December 16th, 2008
Photos: 60

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