Puffy & Pink

Puffy & Pink

Morgan is unforgettable.
Morgan was an 18eighteen It Girl of the late 90s. She starred in Teen Lezzies 3 and did a hardcore photo shoot in 2002. So pretty, tight and perky, we could never forget her.

Little Morgan had many redeeming qualities.
We chose Morgan for this retrospective set because she represents the ultimate 18eighteen pin-up girl. There's her blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. Her body is tight and toned, and we don't think we've seen a perkier pair of tits. Her pussy is an immaculate innie slit. And beyond her physical sexuality, she emotes a coy yet playful aura to the camera. Her smile and gaze invite you in, suggesting that she'd enjoy a romp between the sheets as much as you would. By 2001 Morgan had stopped shooting, but even 16 years later we remember and cherish this British teen babe.

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Featuring: Morgan
Date: January 29th, 2018
Duration: 50

Member Comments

1 year ago 
love these old sets.The little hotties should always suck on their thumbs in a sexy way like they used to
2 years ago 
This is old stuff like from 2002 or so... can't you bring her back... she's probably 18 years hotter now!
2 years ago 
Such a perky cutie with a luscious slender body!
2 years ago 
You are sooo right! Morgan is all that you say and she does have the perkiest sexiest tits to ever grace your pages. Expressions are huge in the allure girl presents and Morgan has nailed it. THANK you for bringing her back in HD! She has a set on "Leg Sex" that shows off her tits really well please bring us another retrospective set of her… include these and some of her other area shots! also her video with Nadia is super hot but appears to need some repair. LOVE Morgan can't get enough of her conical perky tits!!
2 years ago 
Absolutely gorgeous and love those perky nipples.
2 years ago 
Just stunning. So pretty. It is the smile that really does it for me though.

I had to go and check out her hardcore set. Some clean up needed now.

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