Sinful Angel

Hooking up with her is heavenly.
Monika has an angelic face but a sinful body. It's like she fell from heaven to land right on your hard cock. "It's funny that I'm wearing
a shirt that says angel, because I'm anything but. I'm always getting in trouble for sucking and fucking."

How are you getting in trouble for sex?
"Well, I kind of fucked my friend's boyfriend. Oops. And I kind of fucked my dad's friend. Well, not kind of. I totally did. I fucked the shit out of them, and I would've kept doing it, but my friend and dad both found out and it caused a lot of drama. But at least it was fun."

Why did you fuck those guys?
"Because I'm horny and have no self control. My friend's boyfriend had been hitting me up for months, so finally I just did it. And I'd been crushing on my dad's friend for years. Also, I guess I like forbidden fruit. They say it's the sweetest."
Featuring: Monika Dupree
Date: December 6th, 2022
Photos: 100

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