Naughty Photos

Naughty Photos

Now that Michelle is 18, she wants to share her body with the world.
Members probably won't be surprised to learn that Michelle likes to take naked pictures of herself and send them to guys. "On my computer I have a folder with like 1,000 naked pictures of me doing all kinds of things. I send them to guys and they send me pictures of their dicks. If I like what I see, we have cyber sex on the webcam."

What do you have pics of?
"Nakes ones of me! Most of them are of me hanging around the house when my parents are gone. Or me tanning in my yard. There's a lot of me masturbating with a dildo in my twat."

Michelle's naughty photo sessions are not always solo. She often includes a buddy.
"I started off just taking naked pictures of myself. I liked it so much that I was like, 'Hey, maybe I should take pictures of me fucking, too!' So I did, and it was so hot to have pictures of a dick up in my pussy. I like seeing the faces I make while I'm getting fucked. I also have pictures of me playing around with girls, too. The guys on the Internet really like those. They go crazy when I 69 with another chick."

What does a guy have to do to get you to send him some of your pictures?
"Having a big dick helps. If a guy sends me a picture of his wang and it's super big, he definitely gets access to some of my dirtier photos. But I'm not a complete bitch. I get a lot of guys sending me pictures of their little penises, too. If I'm feeling nice I'll send them some of my solo nudes and I might even have a nasty, little chat with them so they have something to jerk off to. Everyone deserves to cum and I don't mind helping them out even if they do have little dicks."

Michelle is considering doing a live sex show on the webcam for her loyal viewers.
She's garnered a following on the Internet for all her naughty photos. If she's revealed this much of herself already, why not let her Internet friends see her in action via live streaming video? "It might be fun to try, but I'm still thinking about it. I definitely get a lot of requests for a live show. I mostly just do one-on-one video chats. I think it's more personal that way, but there is something that turns me on about knowing that people are watching me fuck live over the Internet. I'd probably get so horny thinking about them all jerking their dicks while I rode a cock. But live video is as far as I'd go. Some people have tried to talk me into doing a Website, but that's too much work. I do this for fun, not for money!"

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Featuring: Michelle Peters
Date: October 16th, 2009
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