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Butt Horny

Featuring: Luna Light
Date: April 2nd, 2019
Photos: 104
Luna gets a special kind of horny. Most girls get horny in their pussy. Their clits throb and their slits get wet. Luna experiences that, along with something else. "I get horny in my butt! I know how good anal play feels, and sometimes I just crave something stretching out my ass. My pussy is tight and sensitive, and my butthole is even more so!" How did you learn that you like butt stuff? "Just regular exploration. I masturbate a lot. Constantly. I'll even play with myself when I'm bored in an Uber ride. Eventually that led me to my butt, and I was like, this feels pretty good! So I started experimenting with buttplugs and I fell in love. Now I'm totally on the anal bandwagon!" .

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