Teeny Tart

Luccia is relaxing by the pool after a long weekend of crazy fucking.
You would need a break too if you had spent the past two days having sex and orgies. Even though Luccia is hornier than most 18-year-old girls, she needs time to recover from all the cumming and let her horniness build up again. We'll let her tell you about it in her own words. "On Friday me and these three girls got crazy. We're all friends and we all know that we like pussy as much as dick. So we had an orgy. No boys, just us girls and our strap-ons. My clit was tender from all the sucking it went through, but not enough to stop me from fucking again on Saturday with a real cock."

Luccia had her lezzie fix and was ready to get stuffed with cock.
"One of the girls from the night before came with me to fuck this guy. Let me tell you, his dick was big enough for the both of us."

What else happened?
"We fucked for hours. I think I set a new record for myself. We were sucking that guy's dick at the same time and then he took turns fucking us. Like, I got in doggie-style position and he would do me that way while I licked my girl's pussy. She even got fucked in the ass."

You're into lezzie sex and threesomes but you don't do anal?
"You can lick my ass or stick a finger in it, but that's where I draw the line. I'm sure one day I'll do it in the butt. But I'm doing so much crazy sex stuff right now that I want to keep some part of me pure. Besides, I get off good enough just from getting my pussy licked and fucked that I don't feel like I need to get more by doing anal."

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Featuring: Luccia Cardona
Date: May 15th, 2009
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11 years ago 

Without a doubt THIS is one of my favorite sets of All Time! Just wanted to stop by and say Thank You to one of the cutest girls EVER!

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