Tiny Tits, Big Lips

Tiny Tits, Big Lips

Lolly, what's it like to be a teen fuck star? Has anyone ever recognized you on the street?
"I love my life! Fucking is my favorite thing to do, and doing it in front of a camera is so much fun. The great thing about fucking in a porno is that they usually pair you with a hot guy with a big, hard cock. Nothing tops that. As far as being recognized, I've only been approached once or twice by fans, and the guys were nice enough. They asked to take a picture with me and told me they enjoyed my photos in 18eighteen! I'm glad I can make other people happy just by cumming."

Have you always been confident about your body?
"Yes, pretty much. I mean, there were times I wished I had bigger boobs or a bigger butt, but it was nothing that got me down. I think having tiny tits suits my body type. I'm a skinny flattie, and I'm okay with that! The guys who are into me like my flat chest and my pointy nipples. And I think they're cute! Did you know guys who are into little tits love…

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Featuring: Lolly
Date: January 26th, 2015
Photos: 47

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