Brace-Face Beauty

Brace-Face Beauty

Liza is shy about her pretty smile.
You'd think such an attractive girl would be a natural in front of the camera, but Liza was a little nervous--not so much about taking off her clothes but about showing us that metal-mouth smile. "I try not to show my braces if I can," she said. We assured her that braces are appreciated around here, and soon she was comfortable showing us her tinsel teeth. "It's kind of funny that I don't have any problems taking off my clothes, but showing my smile makes me self-conscious. I was going to wait till I got my braces taken out to try modeling, but I got over it and took the plunge."

What made you want to model?
"It seemed like it would be fun. I like to show off my body, and I like the idea of guys looking at me. I'm always the first one to want to take off my top at a pool party, and I always walk around naked in locker rooms. My phone is full of naked pics too."

Have you ever taken photos of you having sex?
"Yes. I've even taken videos. On my own phone, of course. I wouldn't trust any guy with that! I have a hot video of me giving a guy a blowjob and looking directly into the phone camera. You can see how turned on I was in my eyes. I also have a video of a guy fucking me. Sometimes when I'm masturbating I'll watch it because I love to see his cock going in and out of my pussy while I moan."

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Featuring: Liza Rowe
Date: May 31st, 2022
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Member Comments

7 months ago 

Fellow jerkers let’s all praise the day Liza decided to take her panties off with a photographer in the room so we could get to see her lovely slightly-bushy cunt in full close-up detail. Exquisite pussy.

very nice tits

The body decorations are a definite turn-on for me. The more ink and metal, the better. Plus she's gorgeous, of course..

I think the tattoo's are fine.. I love her shape and tan lines. Nice legs and feet. Great smile. Overall pretty damn hot. ;)

I'm with Big Tex, that was a beautiful beautiful body, lovely tits, but the ink is a big turn-off, my dick goes limp and gets sad when I see a beautiful body ruined with ink

Liza, thanks for sharing your body, perfect, terrific smile, your braces and petite derri�re have taken control of my porn time.

I am probably in the minority here, but are there ANY cute models left that doesn't have body graffiti? Pretty girls, but to me the "art" is distracting

liza is gorgeous beautiful body awesome pussy and plumb ass perfect

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