Toned Twat

Lily, do you do anything to maintain your figure?
"I go to the gym sometimes and run a little, but I've always been naturally thin. I try to be active so I can stay thin, but working out can be kind of boring. Sex is my favorite exercise."

Do you work up a sweat when you fuck?
"I do when it's good. My favorite kind of sex is high energy with a lot of bouncing, pounding and moaning. It definitely feels like a workout to me, especially if I'm riding a guy. My legs really have to work to bounce on his cock."

We hear cum is a great source of protein.
"I've heard that too. I guess that's a bonus! But that's not the reason I swallow. It's just hot to suck a guy off after fucking like crazy. To me, the guy's dick feels the hardest right as he's about to cum, and I love feeling that in my mouth."

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Featuring: Lily Rader
Date: June 14th, 2022
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I can almost hear the police sirens as I jack off to this sweet barely legal cock socket! What a cutie! x

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