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Eat My Pussy

Featuring: Layla
Date: September 11th, 2008
Photos: 80
You look like a nice girl. But we know you're not..
"Well, yeah. You saw me in Naughty Hottie Slumber Party. I don't think I looked too innocent with that guy's dick in my pussy and his wife's clit in my mouth. But in my own defense, that was my first threeway."

So what are you doing out here alone? You should be getting busy with more threeways!
"Listen, OK. Having a threesome is a lot of work. Sometimes a girl just wants to lay back and relax while she stuffs her pussy. I'm going to have a nice lunch outdoors and for dessert I'm gonna masturbate and lick the sweet cream off my fingers."

Eating alone is no fun.
"If you're talking about eating pussy, then yeah, you need another person.

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