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Flat Tits and A Big Clit

Featuring: Kelli Stone
Date: February 23rd, 2009
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Kelli is posing nude for a porn magazine 'cause she knows she has a hot body. "I know I don't have the kind of body that most people think of as hot. My boobs are really little and flat and I'm not super skinny. But that's okay. I like the way my body is and plenty of guys do, too. I think my little tits are sexy and they're super sensitive, too. I get really turned on if I wear a shirt without a bra 'cause my nips will start rubbing against the material. But the best part of my body is something you can't see unless I'm naked..my clit! It's pretty big and juicy. And it's even more sensitive than my nips. That's why I got it pierced!" So, Kelli, is rubbing your big clit the only way you can cum? "No, I can have an orgasm from regular sex stuff, too. But the best orgasms for me are clitoral.

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