Orgasm Addict

Orgasm Addict

What started off as experimentation has turned into a full-blown obsession.
Jayden's a late bloomer. She only recently grew boobies and discovered the wonderful world of masturbation. And now, like a rabbit in heat, she can't stop humping her hand. She has to wash her sheets every day because she's
constantly cumming on them.

"Masturbating isn't a habit, it's a hobby!"
Jayden finally understands what all the fuss was about. "Even when I'm at school I'll squeeze my legs together so my clit rubs on the inseam of my jeans. I'll get myself off anywhere!"

Fucking herself will only satisfy her for so long. Soon, Jayden is going to want the real thing."
I wanted to wait till marriage to have sex. But that's before I even knew where my clit was. It's like it was a magic button and as soon as I pressed it, I turned into a slut. Well, a virgin slut. I'm ready to give it up. I'm too horny to wait."

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Featuring: Jayden Moore
Date: August 31st, 2009
Photos: 52

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3 years ago 

Nice closeup in the pics of her perfectly symetrical pussy lips spread . Amazing shot .

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