Slut In Training

Slut In Training

She's not a full-blown slut, yet...
But Harlow is getting there! She likes sex, and she took it to the next level by sucking and fucking in front of our cameras. In a few years, she'll be a pro slut, but for now, let's enjoy this budding beauty while she's in the beginning of her sexual exploration.

Do you have any special talents?
"I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue, I can out-eat all my friends and I can put my legs behind my head. All of those things translate to sex, too. I suck a mean dick and I love to use my flexibility while fucking."

You come across as mature for your age.
"I've always been more mature than my peers. Maybe that's why I gravitate toward older men. I enjoy talking to them more, and I enjoy fucking them more, too. They take the time to turn me on and they make sure I cum hard before they finish."
Featuring: Harlow West
Date: January 12th, 2021
Photos: 101

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3 years ago 

Harlow is a BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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