Fuck Me Now!

If Ginger wants to fuck, she won't take any excuses.
Gotta work? Call out sick. Feeling sick? Suck it up. Sleeping? Wake the fuck up. We think you get the point. Ginger doesn't take no for an answer. Put out or get out!

Like any guy would turn this horny teen down anyway!
"You'd be surprised. It hasn't happened often, but it's happened before." What the hell? Obviously, this guy wasn't a reader of 18eighteen magazine. "I don't know what his problem was. He said his girlfriend was calling him because her car broke down and he had to leave. The bitch could wait, but whatever. I wasn't going to beg. Obviously I never called him again! But it all worked out for the best because the guy I'm with now will drop everything to come fuck me. And with my sex drive, it happens at least once a day. Sometimes two, maybe even three times a day if I'm feeling extra horny. But he says it's worth it once his dick is in my pussy."

If you want to be there for Ginger, you better have a flexible schedule!
It's not that she's demanding. It's more that she's super fucking horny and she has a lot of options. "I always tell guys who hit on me to know what they're getting into. I don't mean to sound cocky, but I can be a handful. I want to have sex every single day, and if I don't get that, it's not going to work out between us. And okay, I understand that a guy can't always fuck me whenever, wherever I want. That's fine as long as it's not because of some lame excuse like he's sleepy. But if he makes me wait for that dick, he better make it up to me later by fucking me really good. 'Cause if not, I will have to find someone else to get me off."

That's not too much to ask.
"If there's one thing a guy shouldn't mind giving, it's his dick! I'm really flexible, too. So after I suck a guy off I'll let him fuck my pussy while I contort into crazy positions that make my pussy even tighter."
Featuring: Ginger Snow and Donnie Blasthoe
Date: December 14th, 2009
Photos: 48

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