Principal's Punishment

Principal's Punishment

Jayden thought this was just going to be a quickie before class.

Every naughty teen girl knows the thrill of hooking up in the school bathroom. It's risky. It's wreckless. It's so fucking hot. How could Jayden resist? She was horny, he was horny and the bathrooms were empty. "I was so excited to get it on in the bathroom. I've only had sex a few times so doing something like this was super kinky for me, and I couldn't wait to tell my friends about it after. He started rubbing my pussy and sucking my tits. I sucked his hard cock. We were getting hot and heavy and it was going so well until she walked in...."

Caught with their pants down! Ouch. They should've been more careful!

Common sense tells you that if you're going to do some risky business like fool around in the bathroom at school, you at least go into the stall and close the door. But Jayden and her fuck-buddy were so caught up in the…

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Date: December 11th, 2012
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