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Coy Cutie

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Date: January 12th, 2015
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You make very sexy faces. Do you ever get called a flirt or a tease? "Sometimes, but not often. Sometimes men think I am giving them some kind of signal, but this is just my face! I guess I have a way of looking at people that is kind of sexy and flirty. That's because sex is almost always on my mind. But it doesn't necessarily mean I want to fuck them. And even if I want to fuck, I'm a little submissive when it comes to making a move on a guy." So you prefer the guys to make the move on you? "I think all girls do. Even if a girl is confident and aggressive, it still feels good for a guy to show you how much he wants you. Girls like to be chased and shown attention. It's the way we are built. If there is sexual tension between a guy and I, I would feel that he was less manly if he did not make a move.

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