A Bad Habit

"I have this bad habit of sucking my thumb. It's just that I have an oral fixation and I need to be sucking on something, and my thumb happens to be the easiest thing to put in my mouth. Sometimes I carry a lollipop around for that reason, since sucking your thumb is frowned upon. I also have a bad habit of wanting to suck older men's cocks. That's really what I would love to suck on all day! It makes me feel so good to feel it get harder in my mouth and to run my tongue up and down the shaft. My pussy will get wet without me even touching it when I give a blow job."

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Featuring: Emily Willis and Jack Vegas
Date: August 28th, 2018
Duration: 40

Member Comments

1 year ago 
@Karvatator, Yeah Emily Willis looks great!! Love to see her back for more!!!
1 year ago 
Nice pics!!! Emily looks gorgeous!!!! Next time I want to see Jack s cock in Emily s mouth and on her tongue at the end!!!!
1 year ago 
more oral fixation thumbsucking brats!
1 year ago 
Another nice facial!
1 year ago 
OMG, Emily is so beautiful. Could we have a solo set please?!
1 year ago 
I'd happily indulge Emily's oral fixation.
1 year ago 
Wow nice pics!!! Emily what a beautiful teen!!! Good chemistry between Jack & Emily Willis!!!!!! I cant wait to see this scene!!!! Love to see more of them together!!!
I want to see Emily in a FMM threesome or gangbang too with more older male actors!!! With good facial happy endings !!!!!!
Bring her back for more!!!
1 year ago 
Emily looks gorgeous!!!! Love to see her in a FMMM foursome with Robby Echo, Jack Vegas & Johnny Tattoo soon!!!!!! Love to see Emily handle more older cocks at the same time!!! Yes with good facial happy endings :)!!!! Bring Emily Willis back for more!!!
1 year ago 
Emily looks nice & hot !!! What a cute teen!!!! Great to see Emily Willis with Jack Vegas!!!!! Very nice pics!!! Can t wait to see the video scene!!!
Please pair Emily with Jimmy Tattoo & Jack Vegas!!! I want to see Emily with Jimmy Tattoo & Jack Vegas in a FMM threesome!!!!
Love to see Emily do FMM scene soon!!! Love to see Emily Willis handle… more older cocks at the same time too!!! With good facial happy endings!!

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