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Elis knows you like her old uniform.
She just graduated from high school, and as much as she hated wearing her uniform, something told her to keep it. "It was the way guys looked at me when I wore it," she said. "Like they wanted to put their hands up my skirt and feel my wet pussy."

Have you ever let a guy touch you under your skirt?
"Just my boyfriend. He would sit next to me in class and run his hand up my thigh until he got to my panties. He'd rub my pussy on the outside until I soaked my panties. Then he would go inside my panties and finger me. It was like a game trying not to moan as I came in class. Sometimes the whole room smelled like my pussy."

No one noticed you cumming?
"I don't think so. If they did, the rumor definitely would have gotten around school and I never heard anything. We were careful and sat in the back of the class where no one could really see us. Although a few times people made a comment about the smell, but they never guessed it…

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Featuring: Elis
Date: February 11th, 2019
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2 months ago 
Elis is so charming and alluring in her school uniform. She has a slightly chubby look, like she has not quite finished growing up despite being 18 years old. If I could join this scene my favourite part would be to slide my hand down her tummy and slip my fingers into her white cotton panties to fondle and finger her little pussy for myself. Mmmmm I think I would probably cum just fingering Elis she is that cute.

Her boobs are virtually non-existent, just two slight mounds on her perfect teen chest.

Her pussy is just divine. A pristine, pube-free, smooth slit, bulging slightly around her labia, looking like she is a perfect virgin.
1 year ago 
The perfect 18eighteen cutie.
1 year ago 
White cotton panties suit you so well. Perfect for your petite pussy.
2 years ago 
more of this sweetheart
3 years ago 
Elis looks great!!!! What a cute and hot teen!!!! I love to see Elis in first hardcore scene with Jack!!!! I would love to see Elis in 3some FMM or gangbang too!!! With good facial happy endings!!! Bring Elis back!!!!!
3 years ago 
Beautiful! Fantastic! MORE PLEASE!!

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