Wet And Willing

Wet And Willing

Elena is a DTF kind of girl. That means 'Down To Fuck.' She's not going to try to push you into a relationship, cuddle or talk about her feelings postcoitus. She just wants to have fun fucking and cumming. "I want to taste all the flavors of the rainbow while I'm still young. You don't have to worry about me going psycho after we fuck. I just want to have a good time, no strings attached."

Having fun fucking and cumming is exactly what Elena does in this scene. It's from the 18eighteen movie Cherry Picked, and Elena starts off the fun by getting her clit licked and sucked. Getting her asshole licked really turns her on, too, and she returns the favor by letting the guy face-fuck her with his cock. She doesn't even choke; she takes it like a champ!

"I love oral sex, getting it and giving it. Sure, sometimes you're so horny that you just go right into fucking without any foreplay. That's totally hot, too. But I just love sucking dick so much that it's a shame when I don't get to do it. And getting my pussy eaten is amazing! I find that I cum better from sex after I get my pussy eaten. When the guy is sucking on my clit and fingering my pussy at the same time, it feels so good, but at the same time it makes me want his cock inside of me even more."

Elena and her guy make the bed creak with their horny fucking! "I think I was going a little crazy when I was riding this guy's cock, 'cause the bed started creaking really loud. I was afraid we were gonna break it, but that wasn't enough to make me stop fucking him! I was going so buck wild on his dick that he came! What can I say? My pussy is that good. I was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to go again, but he had no problem getting his cock up for a second time. He said that I was so sexy he could fuck me all night long and still have a raging hard-on in the morning. I gotta tell you, I love making a guy cum more than once."
Featuring: Elena Cole and Shane
Date: December 27th, 2022
Photos: 64

Member Comments

Elena's a perfect teen tart. That perfect little pussy looks so tight and sweet. I'd fuck her until she'd squeal and make her beg for more.

Beautiful model. Love the wavy hair!!

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