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Double Trouble

Featuring: Chastity and Micah Moore
Date: December 6th, 2011
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Well aren't you two cute! Are you lezzies or just friends? Chastity: "We're friends who fool around. We're not exclusively dating or anything like that. We just get each other off sometimes. We both like guys and girls." Micah: "Yeah, we're best friends more than anything else. Even though sometimes we eat each other out, we don't get jealous if the other one hooks up with someone else. No jealousy here." Chastity: "Although we did share a girlfriend for a little while! She was in an open relationship with the both of us. We would have three-ways with her. But she turned out to be psycho so we both dropped her." Have you two ever had a threesome with another guy in the mix? Micah: "Yes, twice. We were friends with both of the guys though, so it's not like we just went out to a club and picked someone up. I liked it a lot.

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December 06, 2011
the brunette is smokin!

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