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Horny Preppy

Featuring: Catarina Petrov
Date: October 17th, 2017
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Catarina, what's a girl like you doing showing off her tits and pussy? "I've always been kind of nerdy and shy and embarrassed of my body. I'd get teased for being skinny and flat. But now I'm feeling more confident and sexual, and I want to show off! Now that I've embraced having little boobs, I love to go out without a bra. I would go out without panties if I could, but my pussy gets too wet and juicy for that." Does your pussy get wet 'cause you're horny? "Well, yeah. I just started having sex so I'm like, super-horny all the time. Sometimes I even bring an extra pair of underwear to school with me because my panties will get soaked by third period! If I kept them on, either everyone would smell my pussy juice or it'd start to drip down my leg. It's not easy being horny all the time!" How many times have you had sex? "A few times. Probably less than 10. I want to have a lot more though, and I want to try lots of different things. Swallowing a guy's load is next on my list!".

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October 21, 2017
This is my kind of teeny. Skinny, flat chested, white cotton panty wearing and not a pubic hair in sight! Beautiful

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