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Featuring: Cadey Mercury
Date: May 7th, 2018
Photos: 40
Cadey's favorite pastime is diddling her cunny. The girl loves to stroke her slit, and can spend hours fingering and fantasizing. And what fuels her masturbatory sessions? "This older man. He's actually my best friend's dad. Don't tell anyone, but we've been fooling around for a couple of months now. It's my dirty , little secret!" Tell us more about this affair. "I always had a thing for him and noticed he would look at me a certain way whenever I'd go over to my friend's house. I stayed over one night and after going home the next day, I realized I left my wallet there. So I went back, but my friend was gone. Her dad let me in, and he could tell something was up. We were alone. There was a lot of tension.

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