Cotton Soaker

Cotton Soaker

"Is it normal to get so wet that I soak through my undies and shorts?"
Brooke has a healthy sexual appetite, but there's still a lot she has to learn. She's just starting to figure out how everything works and the more she learns, the more she wants to get between the sheets. But first, she's trying to figure out why they're so wet. "This is embarrassing, but I didn't know that girls got wet. One day it started happening to me and I didn't know what to think. I had to ask one of my girlfriends if it was normal and she said it was. I asked her why it happened and she said so guys can stick their thingies inside you."

What else have you learned about sex?
"Well, I didn't know that girls swallow cum. I didn't even know it was called cum! Good thing I have friends to teach me these things. Anyway, I wonder if cum tastes good. My friends say it does!"

If sex is the final exam, Brooke is literally cramming to pass that test.
"My friends told me you have to learn how to pump before you hump. So they came with me to a sex store and helped me buy a dildo. They told me to buy lube, but I reminded them that I already get super-wet. So anyway, I went home and tried the toy out. I never masturbated before so it was kinda hard to get it inside me, but eventually I was able to get, like an inch in. My friends said that with practice I'd be able to take the whole thing in no time! I hope so. I want to be ready for the real thing."

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Featuring: Brooke Jean
Date: September 14th, 2009
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1 year ago 

Mmmm what a pleasure to get to masturbate whilst looking close-up at Brooke’s pretty, pubeless private parts.

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