Blaire Ivory Gets Recognized by the Principal with a Hard Fucking

Blaire Ivory Gets Recognized by the Principal with a Hard Fucking

"It didn't surprise me that my principal has a big cock, with the way he struts around and puts everyone in place. No wonder I found him so sexy. He made me want to act out so I could be punished. That's why I became a bad girl. His bad girl. When I got called into his office I had to squeeze my legs together so he wouldn't see the pussy juice dripping down my thigh. It was now or never. I gave him a look and he knew. A generous bulge formed in his pants and I reached for his cock. It was even bigger than I expected. My mouth could barely take it. I'd never felt anything so big and hard inside my pussy. He definitely taught me a lesson...and now I want more."
Featuring: Blaire Ivory and J Mac
Date: December 19th, 2023
Photos: 70

Member Comments

2 months ago 

If I had my way she'd be playing Admiral T'Sara from Shadow Of The Io'Pera, my Next Gen fanfic. Imagine her as a redhead...with Vulcan ears and greenish nipples! Meh. A man can dream.

I love how cute Blaire is in those glasses and that short little skirt of hers. She’s so cute and sexy and I wish I could make love to her.

I love how submissive she is in this scene.

Pic number 46. Love the sheepish grin she's wearing :))

Pic 20 is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen and the facial pics are amazing as well. Blair is definitely one of the best ever on this site.

I would like to see Blaire Ivory also in a three-way (FMM) scene too. With 2 older middle aged white guys and nice facial happy endings :)))

Fantastic set!!! Great facial!!!

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