Treat From The East

Treat From The East

This little Vietnamese cutie wants all the cock she can get.
In the Oct. '09 issue we learned that Ava loves to be naked in front of others. And in this issue we learn that Ava loves a good screwing. "I love being nude and having my body admired, but that's only part of the equation. It turns me on to be naked, but once I'm horny, I need a dick. Most people wouldn't guess that about me. Everyone thinks I'm so sweet because I look innocent. But looks are deceiving. Guys are always surprised when I get them alone with me. I don't hold back. I rip off their pants and go straight for their cocks."

How did Ava learn to be such a horny freak?
"I didn't learn to be horny. That was always there inside of me. But I did learn how to be a freak. Back in Vietnam I had this friend who was like my mentor. She was a bit older than me, in her twenties. She said that she could tell I was a really sexual person and that I shouldn't hold it back. She told me to be as nasty as I wanna be and to go for what I wanted. So now I'm pretty straightforward thanks to her. If I'm horny I don't have time to waste on games. Cumming is my top priority."

Ava's friend also taught her how to ride cock.
"I lost my virginity with her there. It was with one of our guy friends. We went back to her apartment and had a three-way. When it was my turn to get fucked, she guided me and told me how to move so I could cum. It was so hot to hear her whispering naughty things in my ear while I rode cock for the first time."

Ava is looking for a playmate who is as horny and experimental as she is.
She is certainly no submissive girl. She's kinky and assertive and she loves to cum. "I want to try to have another three-way. The only problem is that I can't find a girl my age who is willing to try it. I think most of these other girls are still insecure and nervous. While I find their shyness kind of a turn-on, it doesn't help me get into a three-way. I do have one prospect though. I made out with this one girl, and I think she wants to do more. She's a virgin and really wants to have sex, but she's nervous. I'm sure if I were there for her first time she'd feel a lot better. I'm planning to eat her pussy soon, and when she feels how good it is to cum from oral, I think she'll want to try fucking a cock with me. Then I'll get to be the teacher!"

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Featuring: Ava Lee
Date: January 12th, 2010
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I want her so bad.

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