Praiseworthy Pussy

Praiseworthy Pussy

Pink is Athena's favorite color.
She has a closet full of different hues of pink, but her favorite shade is the one between her legs. "I have a bright pink pussy. I keep myself completely bald down there so you can see my slit in its full pink glory."

How do you like your pussy pleasured?
"I love having my pussy eaten and praised. It turns me on when a guy tells me how good I taste and smell. I'm not hard to please at all, and I can cum pretty easily. The most orgasms I've had in a row was like three or four."

What's the most fun sex you've had?
"Definitely when I lost my virginity. It was in a culinary classroom at school. I had liked the guy for a long time, and we happened to be alone in there. Things got sexy, and the riskiness was the best feeling ever. I got so wet I left a puddle on one of the desks."
Featuring: Athena Heart
Date: October 21st, 2022
Photos: 100

Member Comments

5 months ago 

Astounding photo set. I just had an extended jerking session closely looking at every one of Athena’s extremely sexy pics.

She is a beautiful teen specimen with a sweet smile, come-to-bed eyes and perfect, small breasts.

She teases her pussy reveal and eventually when her panty fabric is pulled to one side we see this 18yo-hottie does not have a pubic hair in sight.

Her cunny is perfectly bald and her inner lips and vaginal opening a deep and appetising pink. Athena is clearly very happy to display her private parts for us as she seems to be wet throughout.

We are then treated to seeing her smooth mound, hairless cunt-lips and wet pink vagina from many angles. Each photo presents a different opportunity to ogle and masturbate over her vulva.

When she bends over her cunt opens like a beautiful flower and we see her vagina spread and exposed, looking ready for penetration.

If only I could be there to oblige: pushing my cockhead into her opening, easing in as she is tight and grips my penis, eventually finding space to slowly slide in and out. I am sure she would orgasm within moments of being penetrated by my dick.

It would not take me too long either to fill her tight bald cunny with strings of thick cum. Mmmmm what a delicious sexy 18eighteen girl.

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