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Making A Puddle

Featuring: Arianna
Date: August 22nd, 2017
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"I always wet the bed, but not from peeing in it. It's just that when I masturbate my pussy gets so wet. First the juices spread all around my pussy and then they drip down my buttcheeks and leave a wet spot on my sheets. When I pull my fingers out from inside me I can see strands of girl cum attached to them. It turns me on that I get so wet, but I don't like sleeping in a puddle. I always make sure to play with myself on the side of the bed I don't sleep on for that reason." .

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September 09, 2017
August 23, 2017
Arianna, thank you for sharing your beautiful body with us! The best thing about you Arianna, well aside from your wonderful ass, your fantastic tits and your beautiful hairless and meaty pussy, is that you have no fucking ink! Good for you for not fucking up a spectacularly beautiful body with tattoos, they NEVER make a girl more attractive.
BTW we would love to see a video of you getting so wet that you make a puddle. Your super wetness is super sexy.

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