So Good To Be Bad

So Good To Be Bad

Even when she's trying to be good, Ana finds a way to be bad. She can't help it.
Ana got in trouble for skipping class. She was going to ditch detention, but decided she'd save herself more trouble and do her time. When she got there, detention had been cancelled. So what did she do? Masturbate!

There was something hot about stuffing her pussy on a crochety, old teacher's desk.
And to think, Ana actually showed up to detention to do some homework. As her senses returned, she remembered that this classroom belonged to Ms. Spiegler-a mean, grey-headed spinster who got off on torturing students. As payback, Ana was going to get off on her desk. "I got on top of the desk and lifted up my shirt, pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing my clit. That old bitch has gotten me in trouble so many times. I wish she would've caught me cumming all over her students' homework. Even better, I wish a guy were there to fuck me on her desk and then cum all over her chair! I'll have to make some arrangements for that."

Further explanation of why she's in detention in the first place...
"I was fooling around with another girl in the girls' bathroom. I'd never done any lezzie stuff before, and I knew this chick who was a total lezzie was into me. She was going to town on my pussy when some nerdy snitch came in the bathroom and saw us and tattled. She's probably a lezzie too and was jealous that she didn't get to lick my twat."

Have you ever been caught having sex with a guy at school?
"I've never been caught, but I've done it before. In the boys' bathroom, too. That's the difference between boys and girls. No guys told that I was humping in the bathroom, but that other little bitch in the girls' bathroom snitched on me. Anyway­, I still came good both times."

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Featuring: Ana Adams
Date: October 23rd, 2009
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