Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror

Ana likes to look at herself in the mirror.
But it's not so much an act of narcissism as it is an act of horniness. Ana likes to spread her legs in front of the mirror and watch her finger go in and out of her pussy.

What is it that turns you on about masturbating in front of the mirror?
"I don't know. I guess it's like, seeing the penetration. Don't guys like to watch their dicks go in and out of a pussy? I'm the same way, whether it's a dick or a finger or a dildo going inside my pussy. And I like seeing the faces that I make. I can almost imagine what it's like to be a guy fucking me."

Have you ever fucked in front of a mirror?
"Yeah, once when this guy took me to a motel. There were mirrors all around the bed and on the ceiling. I didn't know my ass jiggled so much when I get fucked doggie-style! Now I know why guys like it!"

So you like to look at yourself fuck, but do you like looking at other people fuck?
"Of course! I've only seen it in pornos but I think I would like to see it in person, too. Because even if it's a sex scene in a normal movie where you can't see the real action, it still turns me on. Just seeing it makes me feel tingly. So if there was real fucking in front of me I'd probably start masturbating right there!"

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Featuring: Ana Adams
Date: May 8th, 2009
Photos: 100

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4 years ago 

She is a BABE !!!!!!!!!! BABE !!!!!!!

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