Bad in the backseat

Bad in the backseat

Beach-loving cutie Alyssa bares it all! Alyssa used to be the shy type, but these days she's learning just how fun it is to strip down, even in public! This bohemian teen dream was about to go home when she decided to do a little impromptu striptease in her boyfriend's car. Little did she know he already had a camera waiting to capture these sexy T&A shots! She started with some coy flashing, but it didn't take long for her to take off her suit and start masturbating. The more pics got taken, the hornier she got. Looks like Alyssa's got a new favorite beachside pastime!

Tell us, Alyssa, how did you first realize you might be an exhibitionist?
"I was at a friend's pool party. One of the girls took off her top before diving in and I saw how all the guys started staring at her, so I said 'Fuck it!' Nobody expected it from me, the quiet girl, so when I finally showed them my titties, I got a round of applause!"

Where do you think you might strip down at next?
"I've had plenty of fantasies about getting naked on the roof of a building so I can feel the breeze on my wet pussy while people below watch. I bet it would be fun to ride a roller coaster naked too! The vibrations would drive me insane!"

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Featuring: Alyssa Jersey
Date: June 7th, 2013
Photos: 40

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