Playing With My Pussy

Playing With My Pussy

Ally, do you have a masturbating ritual?
"That's an interesting question because I do actually have a masturbating ritual. I do it in the living room when I'm home alone. That's because I don't have a TV or computer in my room at the moment, and a lot of the time I like to look at porn when I masturbate. So I usually have about two hours in the afternoon to get myself off before my parents get home."

Sounds good so far. Please continue.
"I get naked, and I make sure I bring a toy and a towel so I don't make a mess. Then I get comfortable either on the couch or on the chair in front of the computer, depending on where I'm going to watch porn. I like videos the most, so when I find something that I like I'll sit back, spread my legs and get to work. When I'm having my afternoon delight, the rest of the world is dead to me. I don't answer my phone or anything. Sometimes when it rings I can't help but snicker to myself because I'm thinking, sorry, I can't come to the phone right now. I've got a dildo in my hand! Wouldn't that be funny if that were my answering message? If only my friends knew why I take so long to call them back!"

Now just what would they think, Ally?
"Actually, they probably wouldn't care. Everyone masturbates, and if they deny it they're uptight losers. A couple of my friends do know about my masturbating sessions though, and they like to call me and send me text messages to fuck with me. Like one guy will send me texts saying, 'I hope you're thinking of me right now' and stuff like that. Another one will call me and leave a voicemail of loud moaning noises. It's pretty funny, but I'm still not going to answer the phone while I'm gettingt busy with myself. I take masturbation very seriously. When I've got a hot porno scene playing on the computer and a toy buried in my twat, cumming is my number one priority."

Have you ever gotten caught during one of your afternoon sessions?
"No. I can hear when someone pulls in the drive-way. There've been some close calls, but I'm pretty slick. I wish the guy I have a crush on would catch me though! How hot would it be if he showed up to my house while I was masturbating? I'd answer the door totally naked with a dildo in my hand and tell him, 'I'm tired of this thing. Wanna help me out?' My pussy would already be wet and everything! Now that's one interruption I wouldn't mind getting while I was masturbating!"

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Featuring: Ally Ann
Date: August 30th, 2010
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