Phone Sex

Ally got grounded for sneaking out with her boyfriend to fuck.
Her parents came into her bedroom in the middle of the night only to find a pillow where her body should've been. Instead of being in bed, her body was bouncing and writhing as a cock penetrated her pussy. Ally's parents weren't too happy about it and grounded her for two weeks. But that wasn't going to stop her from cumming. "I have my own private line and every night I talk to my boyfriend while I fuck myself."

When she's phone sexin', Ally talks about all kinds of dirty things.
It never starts off naughty, but somehow it always ends up that way. An innocent conversation about school turns into a heated monologue about how much Ally loves sucking her boyfriend's cock. She also likes to give him detailed accounts of just how she wants to fuck the shit out of him. "I usually start off by telling him how badly I want him to make me gag with his huge cock. I let him know that I want it deep down my throat while I rub his balls and drool all over them. Then I tell him that I'm gonna climb on top of him and fuck him till he's saying my name. It turns him on when I talk all dirty like that, and he knows I'm not talking shit 'cause it's as good as I say it is when we do fuck for real."

Have you had phone sex with anyone else?
"Yeah. I liked doing it with my boyfriend so much that I started having phone sex with other guys that I had only talked to on the Internet. I've even done it with a few girls, too!"

Have you ever fooled around with a girl before?
"Not yet. But I think I want to after talking sexy to them on the phone like that! Girls are really good at dirty talk and it makes me wet when they tell me they're gonna lick my pussy like it's an ice cream cone!"

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Featuring: Ally Ann
Date: July 28th, 2009
Photos: 70

Member Comments

10 years ago 

I totally agree with Dan. Great posing, beautiful model, wonderful set!

13 years ago 

Love the opening upskirt panty spread...Would like to see more of this style of posing on this site to begin a set instead of always just jumping to the pussy shot...Ally Ann is the cutest girl I've seen in a long time...Hot!

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