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18eighteen December 2007

Featuring: Alexis Love
Date: December 19th, 2007
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Is this your office, Alexis?
"It's my boss's office. My parents got me a job at an insurance agency that one of my dad's golf buddies owns. When I started working here, my boss, Mr. Fayes, would always give me light filing work in his office, or he'd have me check paperwork with him instead of the girl who was in charge of training me. I sat around a lot and did minimal work. I thought he was giving me special treatment 'cause of my folks, but then one day he called me into his office and just whipped out his dick right there and told me to suck it."

What did you say to him?
"He was just sitting there jerking his dick and it made me so horny that I walked over, dropped to my knees and swallowed his dick all the way down. We've been fucking two times a day at work ever since then."

Is he your boyfriend now?
"I call him my sugar daddy. I don't do anything at work all day except boss everyone around and fuck him in his office. It's the best job ever! He loves it when he comes back from a meeting and I'm sitting in his chair with my panties around my ankles, playing with a toy and cumming all over the leather seat. He loves to lick my cum off his chair and bury his face in my pussy.".

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