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Kylie Ann

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Kylie Ann
Kylie gets drippy for smooth talkin' men.
"I grew up listening to DJ Rob on the radio. He was always so funny and witty in his interviews, and he knows a lot about music. Especially classic rock, which is like, my favorite. I applied for an internship at the station he DJs at just so I could meet him. I was so starstruck when I finally did. I acted like a total nerd, stuttering and fidgeting. But he made me feel right at home, and even let me into the studio to show me the equipment. It was fun, but to be honest, I was more interested in the equipment in his pants. His package looked huge, and it seemed to be getting bigger by the minute. I knew this was my chance to fulfill one of my long-time fantasies."

How was his shock jock cock?
"It was shocking! So big and hard and juicy. I got close to him and put my hand on his crotch and felt his boner. He didn't stop me so I took it out, and I was very happy with what I saw. It was pointing straight up for me and there was a drop of precum at the top. He was just as horny for me as I was for him. He told me that he wasn't used to messing around with girls my age, and that he was eager to feel how hot my mouth was and how tight my little pussy was."

What happened next?
"Both my mouth and pussy were so hot and wet. I was practically drooling to taste his cock. I spit all over it, put it in my mouth and sucked it really hard. He told me to keep sucking his head and jerk the rest with my hand, and he came that way! I'd never made a guy cum with my mouth before. He was pretty impressed, too."

Was your little pussy as tight as he hoped it would be?
"It sure seemed that way. When he put it in me he kept groaning and saying, 'Oh, yeah.' And I could really feel his cock stretching my pussy and filling me up. And even though he already came once, the second load he blew was really big! He said it was all thanks to my pussy."
Kylie Ann
Kylie, 18, (5'3", 105 pounds, 32A bras) is a store clerk from New Orleans, Louisiana, who fantasized about doing some porn. Her roommate's boyfriend buys NN regularly, and from looking through mags, Kylie saw that she could come to Miami and fuck a stud for us. "I got a mini-vacation, the chance to live my fantasy, and a check. That's great," she said. "Bran took me out for dinner the night before, so we weren't strangers when we got in front of the cameras. It was no different for me than screwing a guy on a first date."

"I like a guy to take charge during sex, telling me what to do, how to move and all that sort of thing, and that's exactly what Bran did," said Kylie. "As you can see from the photos, we screwed in all sorts of positions, some of them new for me. But I was really into it and I had a big orgasm when I was filled with Bran's big cock. That's by far the biggest cock I've ever had in me...and I totally loved it! I think size does matter. In future, I'll judge other guy's cocks against Bran's."

"I hope the readers don't think I'm weird or anything, but I really wanted Bran to cum on my face at the end," Kylie said. "No guy has ever done that to me-well, I've been too shy to ask-and I've always thought that it's ultra sexy, dirty, erotic...what-ever you want to call it. I mean, I love feeling a guy cumming in my pussy with all the twitching and jizzing, but taking Bran's load on my face was way better than taking it over my titties. I loved the whole experience, but now I have to get a new fantasy. I think that will be fucking two guys at the same time."