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18eighteen February 2008

Featuring: Ziggy Blue
Date: February 22nd, 2008
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How's it going, Ziggy? You're such a hottie. Tell us a little bit about what you look for in a guy.
"Thanks! Well, I am not looking for a guy 'cause my parents want me to study and focus on college. But if I could have a boyfriend, I would want one that looks a little like that rocker guy, Gene Simmons. I think he is so hot! I know he is older and stuff, but do you see what he does with his tongue? It's hot! It makes me wanna do naughty things!"

It sounds like you are into oral. So, do you like to give head, or get it?
"I know it's going to sound like I'm a total prude, but I have never given head or had a guy eat me out. Isn't that terrible? All the girls I know are all into that and have done it with a bunch of guys. But I've only been with one guy and all he wanted to do was stick his thing in me and that was that. When I asked him to taste me down there, he told me that girls are nasty and that guys just don't do that. I dumped him, but still have never been eaten."

So you must be hurtin' for a squirtin', huh?
"That's so funny! Yeah, I am hurting! Thank goodness that my older sister bought me a toy for my birthday! I use it every night and fantasize that it's an older rocker guy who is eating me out and then fucking me really hard.

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November 13, 2017
I'd love being Ziggy's secret boyfriend. I'd pay for everything and she'd be my little living fuck doll in return. It would be the perfect arrangement.

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