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18eighteen January 2008

Featuring: Trinity Cole
Date: January 21st, 2008
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How's it goin', Trinity? We haven't seen you since the March '07 issue. What have you been up to lately, you naughty, little elf?
"I started dating this older guy and I've been fucking like a lil' nympho. I mean, like, I fuck all the time! Don't tell anyone, but my boyfriend is actually my dentist! I used to have the biggest crush on him and then one day he was working on my mouth and he just started telling me about how beautiful I was, and how he had all these dirty fantasies about me. It made me so wet, I was squirming in my chair and I wanted to suck his cock right then and there!"

Are you wearing this naughty elf outfit for him?
"He loves it when I wear skimpy and cute costumes for him. He is really into stuff like that. When he bought me my elf suit, he told me he wanted me to come over and give him his present all dressed up. So I showed up with an empty box and when he asked where his present was, I bent over and showed him my asshole and told him I wanted him to slide his cock in there. He was so turned on that I could see his cock get stiff in his pants."

So, you gave up your ass for Christmas? Did it feel good?
"I liked it so much that I ask him to put some fingers in my ass, or he lubes up a toy and slides it in and out while I ride him now. It feels so hard! I shudder and moan and then my girl goo seeps out of my pussy!".

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November 14, 2017
Trinity is the perfect little ginger fucktoy. I'd love sticking my dick into her tight little ass!

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