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Sexy Swimmer

Featuring: Tori Black
Date: October 20th, 2008
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What's up, Tori? Have you had anymore orgies since your super-hot scene in the movie Pickin' Up Pussy?
"No, I haven't. But I'm working on it. See, I'm planning to join the water polo team this year 'cause for some reason all the hot girls in my school are swimmers. But what I'm looking forward to the most is working with the coach. He's young--only like, 23--and he's sooo hot. I've been perfecting my breast-stroke so I can make the team."

So where does the orgy come in?
"Well, I want to have an orgy with my coach and some of the girls on my team. Maybe we can even get another guy from the boys' team! This time around I'm willing to try anal if things get hot enough. Jeez, I'm all worked up and horny now. I need to take a dip to cool off."

Do you want to have sex in the pool?
"That would be hot. I'd love to try it but at this point I'm so horny I'll take sex any way I can get it.

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