Sugar Lips

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Tai » Sugar Lips

A teen like Tai tastes sweet as candy.

At least that's what her boyfriend tells her. "My boyfriend says that his favorite thing to do is go down on me 'cause my pussy tastes so sweet. He calls me sugar lips. It's funny 'cause most people think he's talking about the lips on my face," Tai told us. She also mentioned that it's her favorite thing for him to do, too. Especially since she hasn't given up her V-card yet.

This guy eats you out and you haven't fucked yet?

"Not yet, but it's not like he isn't getting off either." Tai is fair. She sucks her boyfriend's cock off completely whenever, wherever he wants, including public places. And according to her, she makes him cum in two minutes flat. "I guess I do have more than one pair of sugar lips."
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