Cuvy Cubby

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Stine » Cuvy Cubby

In the mood for a little baby phat? Meet Stine. She's a little different from our other models. This thick Danish cutie has curves! Her boobs are also on the large size for an 18eighteen model. But that's okay. We know our readers like variety. And just because Stine isn't your typical 18eighteen girl, she's still young and cute and totally worthy of your cum. Here's what she has to say about her body: "My boobs are my favorite part of my body. They're kind of big, but they're still perky and full. No droopiness here! They are also really sensitive, too. If a guy just rubs them or sucks on them I will get wet by that alone. He doesn't even have to touch my pussy! I usually wear a bra, but sometimes I don't. Either way my chest still gets a lot of looks. I like it. Any girl that says she doesn't like getting checked out is lying!" Denmark is almost entirely surrounded by water, and nudism is perfectly acceptable on many of its beaches. Stine makes sure she takes advantage of this perk! "A lot of people think nude beaches are full of old, creepy people, but that's not true. I go there! And so do a lot of my friends. There are plenty of young people. We go out there and barbecue and just have a good time whenever it's hot out. Sometimes tourists will come up to me and want to take a picture with me while I'm naked. I don't mind it. In fact, I find it flattering!"
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