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Staci Silverstone » Irresistable

Staci, you're so hot! You must have guys lined up around the corner.

"I wouldn't say they're lined up around the corner, but I do go on a fair amount of dates. I still haven't found that special someone but I'm having fun!"

If a guy wants to catch your interest, what kind of date should he take you on?

"I don't want to go on any cheesy dates. I love to try new things, and I love being swept off my feet. Anything with adventure and great sex at the end of the night sounds good to me! If we went sky diving and then had some crazy sex afterwards I'd probably be in love! And if he or she wants to do me right, they should manhandle me and fuck me till I can't move and my legs are shaking. I guess I'm a little wild and I like the people I date to be able to keep up with me! I don't like when things get boring so I try to keep everything as fresh and exciting as possible."

You said you like to date guys and girls. Have you ever done a girl before?

"Absolutely! Some of the best sex I have ever had has been with girls. I guess girls just love a woman's touch. I sure do! I've even had a three-way with girls before. Two of my female best friends wanted to try something new, so I led the way. It was so hot kissing both of them at the same time. They were both melting when I went down on them, and they told me I made them cum better than any guy. Then I taught them how to eat pussy really well. Not to toot my own horn, but I think sex with guys and girls is my special talent."
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